Thursday, March 7, 2013

7 Easy Lunches for Type 2 Diabetes

Sticking to your diabetes diet at lunchtime is easier than you think. Here's a week's worth of ideas to keep your midday meal interesting and healthy.

If breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day, lunch can often be the most hurried. 

A recent survey found that 62% of Americans rush through lunch at their desks, and even when we manage to leave the office, fast-food restaurants and food courts often prevail over more healthy options. 

But they don't have to be your only option — and, in fact, they shouldn't be your first choice if you have type 2 diabetes. In general, try to pack your own lunch whenever possible — the health benefits, not to mention the cost-savings, can be enormous. Short on prep time? 

Put these quick and nutritious lunch ideas on your diabetes menu to fill you up and keep your blood sugar in check. Check out Easy Lunces at Every Day Health
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