Friday, March 29, 2013

Snack Tips For Diabetics

Carb Choice + Protein Choice = Satisfying Snack

Photo Credit - Diabetic Living Online

In general, you may need a snack if:

  • Your regular mealtime will be delayed
  • It helps keep your hunger in check between meals
  • You're truly hungry and not simply bored or stressed
  • It helps you meet your daily calorie goal
  • You exercise first thing in the morning
  • Your exercise session is strenuous and/or lasts more than an hour
  • Testing reveals you're prone to hypoglycemia during the night
  • You've just treated a hypoglycemic reaction and it's not near mealtime
  • It improves your blood glucose control

Based on your daily calorie allotment, keep snacks between 100 and 200 calories each. To help slow the rise in your blood sugar and satisfy hunger longer, pair a protein-rich food with a nutritious complex-carbohydrate choice.

Get tips at Diabetic Living Online on when to snack and must-have ideas for pairing a complex-carbohydrate choice with a protein-packed food for the perfect diabetic snack

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