Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ethnic Origin Factor in Medication Adherence For Type 2 Diabetes

African Americans are less likely to adhere to medication for type 2 diabetes

It is widely known that African Americans have higher rates of Type 2 diabetes and the accompanying complications. 

Researchers at Ohio State University reveal that this group is less likely to adhere to their medication schedule. They looked at almost 2,700 individuals with type 2 diabetes and learned that medication adherence was 12% down among African Americans.

Data was gathered from people on one of three medications for Type 2 diabetes – thiazolidinedione, sulfonylurea or metformin. They looked at whether a person had refilled their prescription as a guide to medication adherence. 

The African American participants took their medication as prescribed 54% of the time, compared to the white participants who took it 59% of the time. Of the drugs, metformin was the one with the poorest medication adherence. 

Clearly more needs to be done to explain the importance of taking medication to all people who have type 2 diabetes, so they can avoid complications of the disease.

Source: News Fix

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