Friday, February 15, 2008

Potential For Diabetes Cure

A new treatment for type 1 diabetes could help to cure sufferers of the condition.

The pioneering technique involves the transplant of insulin-producing cells into the livers of diabetes patients which help to produce insulin.

It is being piloted at six centers in the UK, including King's College Hospital, which are being given almost $19 million of funding from the government to help with the treatment.

The treatment has already been used to reduce the risks of blood sugar attacks which can induce a coma in type 1 diabetes sufferers.

It is hoped that the technique will eventually be developed into a complete cure.

Commenting on the treatment, professor Stephanie Amiel, a diabetes expert at King's College Hospital, said: "Allowing this facility and the other centers to continue to offer this life-changing treatment will have enormous benefit for those patients who are suitable for islet transplantation in its present form.

"It will also allow the UK to develop the technique to be suitable for more people with type 1 diabetes and may, in time, lead to a 'cure'

Source: Looking Good, Feeling Great
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