Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet Potato Pies - The Temptation Starts

This time of the year always brings food temptation to millions of diabetics.

My grandson wants to make sweet potato pies - his favorite, and mine too. Yes, I started this last Thanksgiving, and gave him my personal family recipe.

For a 6 year old, he actually produced some fine pies (with mom's assistance), and of course he enjoyed eating them more. So this past week he says, "Pa Pa, when are we making the sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving?"

What's a Grandpa to do? So this coming Tuesday, we will make pies - and yes, I will avoid the temptation to go overboard - and uhh Grandma will also be monitoring us as a backup.

I do so well the rest of the year, but I hate this disease around Thanksgiving and Christmas - which brings me to an article I just read - Charles

Are You Ready for the Holidays? - by David Spero

Well, here it comes: The hardest time of year for people with long-term health conditions like diabetes.

During the holidays, there's always lots of food, lots of alcohol, and lots of people. Sometimes you're traveling; sometimes you have guests coming to you. It's hard to keep on a self-management routine when your situation keeps changing, when it might be harder to find time to exercise and harder to stay on your meal plan.

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