Monday, February 18, 2008

Kiss A Pig For Diabetes

Fast Facts

Why Kiss A Pig?

In the 1920s, scientists discovered that the pig pancreas could be used to make insulin, a hormone needed to regulate blood sugar. In a healthy person, the pancreas produces insulin. In a diabetic, that function is missing or impaired.

Commerical insulin is now made from human genes, but diabetes educators still remember its humble beginings. The ADA Kiss A Pig Gala celebrates that history.

That's the message from candidates in the annual Kiss A Pig Campaign, said Allison Hickey, director of the American Diabetes Association in Northwest Arkansas.

The 14 candidates are vying to raise the most money before the Feb. 23 Kiss A Pig Gala ends at midnight. The winner in each of two categories will get to kiss a pig - symbolizing the important role swine have played in developing commercial insulin to treat diabetes.

For more info visit the American Diabetes Association site
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