Thursday, April 14, 2016

James Earl Jones Breaks Silence On Diabetes Journey

James Earl Jones is moving to the front lines of America’s ongoing diabetes epidemic.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post 

The award-winning actor has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, to help Americans manage their type 2 diabetes via Through the site, visitors can take an interactive quiz to discover behavioral traits that can help them take control of their condition. 

For Jones, living with the chronic disease — which affects the way the body processes blood sugar — for over 20 years was a leading factor to share his personal testimony publicly for the first time.

I’m aware of the mission we all have of living well with it. I will always be a diabetic, but there is a way to live well with it, there’s a way to live with it so I can keep working,” Jones said during an interview with The Huffington Post. “I’m 85, but I can still work. I can still do eight [Broadway] shows a week in theater. And I love that. I love still being active in my life. But it’s more important that I address diabetes, because I will always be a diabetic.”

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