Thursday, May 2, 2013

Master Carb Counting

Counting carbs in complicated recipes and restaurant dishes can be tricky. 

Learn how to get an accurate total, no matter what or where you eat. One of the best ways to keep a tight control on your blood sugar to manage type 2 diabetes is by counting carbs, and fortunately, you don’t have to be a math whiz to do it. 

Carbohydrates have a big impact on diabetes control because they are broken down into glucose, which in turn raises your blood sugar. And carbs don’t always come from obvious food sources. 

They're not only found in starches such as cereal, bread, and pasta, and in sweets such as cakes and cookies, but also in many “good for you” foods like fruit, starchy vegetables like potatoes, peas, and corn, and dairy products including milk and yogurt. 

Learning how to accurately identify and count carbohydrates will go a long way towards helping you hit your blood sugar targets. A registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator can help you to determine where to cap your total carbs at meals and snacks. Then it’s up to you to crunch the numbers. 


Find Out Tips for Counting Carbs Home or Away - Read full article at Everyday Health 

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