Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Travel Tips for People with Diabetes « DiabetesAmerica's Blog

Many of us will be traveling somewhere this holiday season and if you have diabetes, you must carefully plan ahead. 

Whether by plane, car or foot, it is important to consider how your travels will affect proper diabetes care.

Air Travel

  • Keep snacks with you in the event of a delayed flight or meal
  • If you use insulin, keep it with you at all times
  • Divide medications and supplies and pack them in more than one place in the event a bag is lost
  • Security scanners will not damage insulin or glucose meter
  • Will need a list of your medications and letter from doctor verifying need for syringes and other supplies

On Foot

  • Bring a First-Aid kit along
  • Have someone else know how to administer glucagon
  • Have hypoglycemia treatments accessible
  • Do your best to avoid cuts, bruises, sunburns, blisters, insect bites and contaminated food or water

When Driving

  • Do not drive if hypoglycemia or symptoms are present
  • Keep medications, meals and snack times as regular as possible

Time Zone Changes

  • If you lose more than 2 hours, may need to take less insulin
  • If you gain more than 2 hours, may need to take extra insulin
  • Can change time of injections and meals by up to 2 hours in a day without adjusting doses
  • If crossing more than two time zones, prepare a plan your doctor or diabetes educator

Insulin Storage and Use

  • Can spoil in extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Insulin retains potency at room temperature for thirty days
  • In hot temperatures keep insulin in an insulated bag or cooled thermos
  • In cold temperatures keep insulin close to your body or an insulated bag to keep it from freezing

SourceHoliday Travel Tips for People with Diabetes « DiabetesAmerica's Blog

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