Wednesday, May 16, 2012

World Diabetes Day 2012 Campaign

The World Diabetes Day 2012 campaign marks the fourth year of the five-year theme on “Diabetes education and prevention.”

 The United Nations Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in September 2011 increased the urgency to take action on diabetes. We need to widen awareness of the factors responsible for the global diabetes and NCD epidemic and the solutions that are required to counter it.

 This year’s campaign links the urgent need for action to the protection of the health of our future generations. Focus will be placed on highlighting the importance of education - for health professionals, people with diabetes and people at risk – in reducing the impact of diabetes throughout the world.

Children and young people will be the driving force for the promotion and dissemination of education and prevention messages. We hope these will inspire and engage local communities to recognise the importance of early awareness of the risks and dangers of diabetes.

 The slogan of the campaign is: Diabetes: protect our future Our three key messages are: Access to essential education for everyone The way we live is putting our health at risk People with diabetes face stigma and discrimination A selection of posters has been developed to promote the campaign messages and a special animated video is in development.

Visit to see all the materials currently available.
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