Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women With Diabetes Experience More Hearing Problems

A new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, presented at the annual Triological Society's Combined Sections Meeting, on January 26 in Miami Beach, shows that diabetes is likely to cause a greater degree of hearing loss in women as they get older, particularly if the diabetes is not well controlled with medication.

The study showed that women aged between 60 and 75 years, whose diabetes was controlled appropriately, were able to hear better with similar hearing levels to non-diabetic women of the same age, compared with those who had poorly controlled diabetes. The findings also demonstrated substantially worse hearing levels in all diabetic women below the age of 60 years, even when their diabetes is controlled appropriately.

In contrast, the study showed that all men, irrespective of age, and whether or not they were diabetic, displayed worse hearing loss compared with women.

Women With Diabetes Experience More Hearing Problems - MediLexicon
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