Saturday, January 12, 2013

Children Living With Type 1 Diabetes

500 kids in the United States suffer from type 1 diabetes. 

Six year old Eden Speaks suffers from Type 1 diabetes, which occurs when your body stops making insulin. She attends kindergarten, and all too often, her classmates ask her the same question. 

"They ask what the pink thing is on my side, but I tell them a pump," said Eden. "They ask the same question over and over again sometimes." 

Eden was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 4 years old, and her mother Brittany said, she clearly remembers the day it happened. 

"She was sitting watching television and just seemed lethargic, like, just staring at the wall, wouldn't even respond to us," said Brittany. When they got to the hospital, Eden's blood sugar was close to 500. For a child her age, Brittany said it's supposed to be between 80 and 120. 

For Eden, that's something she said is just another part of her daily life. "When my mom and dad stopped taking my shots, I learned how to do it myself, and I wasn't scared," said Eden. 

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